A DARK ROOM 1967-1974


Pages: 472

Release Date: 13/10/2021

Author: Emma Stonex 

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The book illuminates some of the most debated questions in modern Greek history: the overthrow of dictator Papadopoulos by Ioannidis, the role of important figures of the time, such as Aristotle Onassis, the discovery of oil in the Aegean, how the tension between Greece and Turkey began in 1974, with unknown backgrounds, as to who gave assurances to Ioannidis before the fatal coup against Makarios and the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. It also investigates how the Americans treated Konstantinos Karamanlis and Andreas Papandreou, as well as what their predictions were for the role they would play in the future history of the place. You will “hear” – for the first time – the voices of Dimitrios Ioannidis and the Chief of the Armed Forces General Grigorios Bonanos at the War Council of July 20, 1974. It was a moment of chaos, of despair. This is a shocking reflection of the inadequacy of those who managed the fate of the nation at that time. The 38 minutes of this War Council are a valuable document for understanding the facts. In the book there is an extensive Appendix, with rare material. This includes a detailed chronology of the time, biographical notes of the people who star in the book, as well as a detailed bibliography. The edition is enriched by 22 QR codes that are inserted in the pages of the book. Scanning them the reader discovers rare audiovisual material with unknown documents. 

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