A night at the bookstore


Author: Mary Konzoglou 
Date of issue: 08/12/2022 
Pages: 408 
ISBN: 978-618-03-3418-0 
Size (width x height): 14 x 21 cm 
Weight: 0.438 kgr 
Binding: Soft cover 

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“Reading, like writing, is ultimately awake” says Theologia the thoughtful owner of the Moon, a bookstore that spends the night so that incurable bookworms can find refuge there, and hires her. 
On a night when the city is shrouded in thick fog, the Moon receives all kinds of visitors: lovers of literature, betrayed existences, economic and love migrants, intellectuals and laymen, businessmen and artists, rationalists and romantics, even Shakespearean heroes. All of them, in the warmth of the Moon, will spread their personal affairs, their wounds, dreams, joys and sorrows, anxieties, hopes and facts and will fill the waking hours until the sun shines again. 
Despite all the planning and detailed preparations, starting a new book – like setting off on a journey – she never knows how it will turn out and is completely unaware of where it will take her, on which shore of dreams she will wash up half-drowned with emotion, to how many mountain peaks will he raise her to gaze upon the plains of stories beneath her feet. 

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Weight 0.438 kg
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