A tangle of spells


Series: A Drop of MagicNo 3 
Author: Michelle Harrison 
ISBN: 978-960-653-606-9 
Translator: Claire Papamichael 
Date of issue: 09/02/2022 
Number of pages: 432 
Size: 14.0 x 20.5 
Country of origin: United Kingdom 
Ages: 9+ 

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The beloved children’s series A Drop of Magic continues! An enchanted painting is locked in a secret room. 
A dangerous spell looms over Pendlewick. 
The Wintersheens sisters begin a desperate race against time to dispel this spell. 
But they have their own secret, the enchanted dolls that make them invisible… 
The books of the series A drop of magic: 
*A drop of magic 
*The witch’s compass 
*A bundle of spells

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