AS 10 in 1 Board Game: Classic and Educational Games


Suitable for children aged 4+.

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An amazing collection of 10 different classic games for endless fun: 1. Grumpy: Gather all 4 of your chips at the finish line, following the path shown by the colored circles and the final corridor of your color. 2. Snake: Be the first to reach the finish line and win, be careful because snakes can delay you! Follow the stairs and reach faster! 3. Thriller: Be the first to create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with your chips. 4.Shotguns: Be the first to drive your mouse over the cheese and win! 5. Siege: The blue chips should lead the red chip to one of the 4 corners of the board, while the red chip should eat as many blue chips as possible to stay a maximum of 3. 6. Pentomino: Make a combination pentomino, connecting the pieces one by one. 7. Puzzle: Match the pentamino pieces together. The player who places the last piece wins! 8. Three in a row: Put 3 chips in a row and collect the opponent’s chips.  When you leave him with 2 chips, you win! 9. The twin mice: Help the mouse to reach his twin brother! 10. Rats: Win the race 3 times and win! The game contains a large game card and individual game boards, pentamino shapes, chips in different colors, dice and mice. Suitable for 1+ players, aged 4 and over. 

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