Aspasia – the secret of the Captain


Author: Thodoris Deftos
Publisher: Paper City 
ISBN: 9789606218088
Number of Pages: 424
Cover: Soft cover 
Recommended Age: 18+ 
Dimensions: 14 x 21 
Year of Issue: 2022 

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Kythnos, early 1950s. 
Jason and Aspasia are illuminated by the flame of love. But they burn in the fire of the harshest punishment, which is reserved by the small, closed society of the beautiful Cycladic island. 
Athens, 2002. 
A dangerous game of fate, brings a mature man in front of a harsh truth, which overturns everything he knew until then. 
Who else but his mother could redeem him? 
Is the purge inevitable or is it too late? 
A story about love, lies and the power of the moment. The right one… 

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