Author: Andreas Konanos 
Date of issue: 08/12/2022 
Pages: 416 
ISBN: 978-618-01-4708-7 
Size (width x height): 14 x 21 cm 
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Binding: Soft cover 

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Life is hard and often hurts. Anyone who tells you that all problems are easily solved, that the impasse you are going through will be overcome in two days, that your husband will be back soon, that your girlfriend will change immediately, that your child will become a luminary without reading, that cholesterol you will drop whatever you eat, he is probably not grounded in the land of reality. 
With this book I come to you to tell you that the solution to your issue – psychological, health, relationship, professional – will be given by you! With your match manager. 

Sometimes you are in a lot of pain and your eyes are watering from crying. But pity or sorrow does not suit you. Do you know what suits you? Only praise and admiration and applause! That’s why this book was written: to remind you how high you can go. 

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