Suitable for children aged 3+. 

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Barbie doll art teacher from Mattel 

Explore a world of creativity with the Barbie® Painting Teacher Set! When a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines what can happen when she grows up and if she is creative she can become a painting teacher! The set includes the doll Barbie® Painting Teacher and her adorable student! Painting teachers teach their students to express themselves through art and to be inspired by the things around them! The easel has a shelf and a surprise: use the brush (dipping it first in water) and paint on the white surface to display the painting! Barbie® Painting Teacher can teach her student to draw and express themselves creatively! Wipe the surface and create again and again! Barbie is wearing leggings, a T-shirt, sneakers and a jeans apron, while her schoolgirl is wearing a cute dress and has a backpack. The set includes: an easel with a painting surface, “cans” of paint and water, a palette, a brush and a stool for the schoolgirl. Children will express themselves creatively and be inspired by many stories! The dolls cannot stand on their own. Colors and designs may vary. 

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