Barbie Extra Toy Candle # 6 Purple Hair


Suitable for children aged 3+. 

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Barbie Extra dolls know how to support intense and strange clothes! Each Barbie doll has its own unique style and is very impressive! Candle included. 

Their animals (each different and lovable) also have their own personality! Barbie Extra allows children to express themselves through their personal style and gives them the freedom to play more comfortably thanks to their multiple points of flexibility. Fashion becomes more fun through glitter, emojis and weird hair! 

Includes 15 pieces with clothes and accessories as well as a cute animal. Barbie has very long purple hair, some caught in a modern ponytail. With a modern and playful look that exudes confidence, he wears denim shorts with patterns and a matching jacket with inflatable fluffy sleeves. 

Barbie accessories include an ice cream bag, a ring, heart-shaped sunglasses, and lots of jewelry, such as an amulet necklace. Her dog also has a lot of style. With a hat coming out, a collar and an adorable, funny expression! 

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