Barbie Wellness-Jacuzzi


Suitable for children aged 3+. 

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Barbie Wellness-Jacuzzi (GJN32). Barbie knows that to be well you have to take care of yourself! And her favorite way to fill with energy is a nice bubble bath in the bathtub. Includes a Barbie doll, a dog, a bathtub and accessories for a realistic bath toy. Fill the tub with water, put Barbie inside and add one of the 5 bags of powder to see the water bubble, like a real spa! Barbie has everything she needs: a tray, toiletries, a sponge, a brush and a towel. The bathroom also has wood-colored furniture and a pot-always. There is room for her dog to sit and places to store accessories. Some pieces have a handle so that the doll can hold them. Barbie wears a swimsuit and towel and has flexible limbs for realistic movements. Includes Barbie doll with towel, dog, bathtub, furniture, five bags of powder for soap bubbles and accessories. The doll can not stand on its own. 

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