Black Swans


  • Author: Theofania AndronikouVassilaki 
  • Publisher: Paper City 
  • ISBN: 9789606218217 
  • Number of Pages: 528 
  • Cover: Soft cover 
  • Recommended Age: 18+ 
  • Dimensions: 14 x 21 
  • Year of Issue: 2022 

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A few days before Christmas 2019, police officer Ioli Natsiou arrives in Tegernsee, Germany for her younger cousin’s wedding. The picturesque landscape of the lake, the traditional buildings around it and the imposing, snow-capped Bavarian Alps seem like an idyllic location for the holidays. 
Ioli – having devoted herself completely to her career and to fighting crime – is forced to return to the country where she was born, facing painful memories and past wounds that have not healed. 

On the eve of Christmas and the wedding, a dead woman is pulled from the lake. A wedding dress floats next to her. The Secret Services of Munich undertake the investigation of the case, while the charismatic policeman Federik Haus is in charge, who decides to cooperate with Ioli, thus giving another twist and impetus to the investigation. 

Untold secrets, foolish passions, unfulfilled loves and unpunished crimes of the past will surface, threatening to destroy the present and demanding justice. The two policemen will join forces, seeking to bring to light the real culprits, but without being able to imagine that the unexpected revelations will touch them as well. 
An atmospheric police thriller, with an imaginative and stormy plot, memorable heroes and unexpected development, which will satisfy even the most demanding reader! 

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