Suitable for children aged 4+. 

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An adventurous adventure for 2 to 4 brave explorers, aged 4 +.

Awesome discovery! After years of research, you have finally found what you are looking for! The bright green butterfly lives hidden in the depths of the wild jungle. Simply dazzling and extremely rare! Wait, what is this? Oh, no! A huge mouth full of slime trapped the butterfly! Faganas Joe, the carnivorous plant, devoured the butterfly. Oh, he ate another one! You have to act fast. Are you brave enough to dip your hands in the slime and save the rare butterflies from Joe’s mouth? Quick, you have to catch up before he closes his jaws and grabs your hand! Every second counts! 


  • 1 carnivorous plant “Faganas Joe”
  • 1 sachet with chlapatsa
  • 16 butterflies
  • 8 leaves
  • 1 explorer (with base)
  • instructions

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