Suitable for children aged 3+.

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Is it right to push in a row? Is it nice to give your place to an elderly person? Do you have to wash your hands before sitting down to eat? Get to know the rules of good behavior and hygiene by joining the joints together. 

ISLANDS OF KNOWLEDGE ™ is a unique educational series of preschool games, µ in which the acquisition of knowledge becomes more fun than ever! The thematic units, goals and actions have been designed in collaboration with Greek educators, in accordance with the detailed Curriculum of the Ministry of Education. 

The Pedagogical Guide you contain in each game is the result of years of scientific and pedagogical research and development of your company. It includes actions based on the most modern learning theories, which parents, step by step, maximize the pedagogical benefit of the game for the child. The Pedagogical Guide also contains activities that help children with learning difficulties. 


  • 30 large double-sided puzzles with rules of good behavior.
  • Educational painting craft 40cm. X 40cm.
  • Pedagogical Guide. 

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