Favorite Aesop’s Fables


Number of Pages: 128 
Cover: Hard with foam 
Recommended Age: 6+ 
Dimensions: 22 x 28 

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An amazing book that brings together the wisdom, simplicity and beauty of Aesop’s fables. Filled with the unforgettable heroes of our great mythmaker, it entertains and amuses young readers through excellent illustrations. 
The fox and the crow 
The lion at war 
The crow and the pitcher 
The fawn and its father 
The Fox and the Grapes 
The hare and the tortoise 
The mouse and the wheat 
The cicada and the ant 
The flea and the ox 
The wolf and the sheep 
The council of mice 
The gum and the hunter 
The fox and the woodcutter 
The donkey and the wolf 
The city mouse 
and the field mouse 
The donkey and the lion 
The vain crow 

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