Hey Clay Claymates Snail Colorful Snail


Suitable for children aged 3+. 

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The company Hey Clay has created an interactive set of games and activities with clay, where it promotes the development of children guided by the principles: Inspiration, Creation, Play and learning. Hey Clay clay is high quality from safe materials, soft and easy to manage and in a wide variety of colors. It starts to stabilize in 20 minutes and after 24 hours it will turn into a unique new game! Create and play with the application and clay! The mobile and smart app is packed with great animation creation guides that guide kids in creating imaginative characters in an original and actionable way. 

Safety and certification: Hey Clay clay leaves no trace and does not stain hands or clothes. Manufactured in full compliance with CE and ASTM safety standards. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for children! 

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