I say goodbye to anger!


  • Author: Anna Serna
  • Publisher: Susaeta
  • ISBN: 9789606175992
  • Book series: The forest of emotions
  • Number of Pages: 32
  • Cover: Hard cover
  • Suggested Age: 6 – 9
  • Dimensions: 22.4 x 22.6
  • Writing Language: Greek
  • Date of 1st Issue: 2021
  • Year of Publication: 2021 
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Achilles the Barefoot was taking a nap when suddenly… Bye! It came to him with old heads. And it went out of control! Achilles is not bad, but when he gets angry he can not control his reactions, so he ends up upsetting others and then regretting his bad behavior. Fortunately, his new friends will teach him different ways to deal with his anger effectively! Getting angry sometimes is normal, but you should not get carried away by your anger, because that way you are hurting others and yourself. 

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Dimensions 22.4 × 22.6 cm
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