Lalaloopsy Littles Doll Sprinkle Spice Cookie And Pet Cookie Mouse


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Discover the Magical World of Lalaloopsy where each one is different, unique and lovable! 
Lalaloopsy Littles are the sweet little sisters of Lalaloopsy and they have come to explore their magical world together! 
They were once rag dolls that magically came to life as soon as their last thread was sewn. 
Each doll comes with its own pet friend. They are in a playful world, full of imagination, colors and surprises. With your love and a dash of imagination, the magic of Lalaloopsy will last forever! 
Each one is unique, just like you, but all are adorable, bubbly and playful and will become your best friends! Let’s meet them and play together! 
Meet the Sprinkle Spice Cookie which is the little sister of the Crumbs Sugar Cookie, made from the scraps of a baker’s apron. She really likes sweets, cookies and licking the cake batter out of the bowl! Her favorite animal is a small pony-biscuit. 
The listed stitching date is also their birthday. 
Doll with joints (head, arms & legs). 
Clothes and shoes can be removed for more fashion play. 
The package turns into a play set for the doll and the animals it includes. 

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 24 cm
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