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The heroine is one of the usual cases where she received the constant command to study, to become a remarkable member of the herd and, if possible, its leader. 
Everything else just seemed like a waste of time. 
And so she found herself a student in Exarchia, in the bars, in the squats and in the hopeful era for revolution, wasting the unique property of man: 
per year. 

Not knowing where to go, he headed for a love, whose name was Vassilis. 
There he pinned all hopes for the difficult questions of existence. 
And one night, mixed with the smell of tear gas and cigarettes, he heard answers from an outcast, who before becoming an astrologer made a dish in Solonos. “Listen! “In a previous life you were an androgynous.” 
“Can you tell me what we are?” “Sit down, find my child, here you are probably paying what you did to him then. “In another life he was very faithful and you went with others and now he is repaying you.” “In what life were we a couple?” he asked her. “Oh, very old.” 
“How old?” “Maybe in ancient Egypt.” 

It was depicted in ancient Egypt carrying food and Vassilis building pyramids in the sun. “Mother, let me have a faithful husband, Vassilis, even if he was in ancient Egypt, even if I were a mummy now!” 
It was so encapsulated. 
But in a particular turn of time she rebelled, from the inside out, and not upside down as her rebellious generation commanded, and began to dismantle her old self, which was squeezed into the expectations of others. 
And then he grew up… 
Maybe he matured, and made sure there was no wasted time in life. As long as it takes everyone to understand… 

The experience of the book’s heroine is not autobiographical. 
The component of the psyche of many people of that time and region is included. Maybe a lot of kids in different corners of the world and time… 
In this book, after all, I am not me, but all the afflicted persons of a generation in search of personal existential identity and in the loss of the greatest true lie. 
Of Love. 

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