Matilda and the Story Map (Pages & Co 3 Bookstore)


Author: Anna James 
ISBN: 978-960-653-642-7 
Translator: Argiro Pipini 
Illustrator: Paola Escobar 
Edition: 1st 
Issue date: 10/03/2022 
Number of pages: 416 
Size: 14.0 x 20.5 
Country of origin: United Kingdom 
Ages: 9+ 

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Strange things happen… 
Matilda and her family feel the world changing when a customer walks into Pages & Co., looking for a book, but suddenly forgets the title… 
Then Matilda decides to leave the safety of the bookstore and travels to America to find the mythical Archivists and save the book wandering… 
or, at least, that’s the plan. 

Wandering the story map, Matilda and her friend Oscar face dangers, collaborate with a legendary author, and find allies in their courage, ingenuity, and some of fiction’s most beloved heroes… 
The books in the Pages & Co. Bookstore series 
*Matilda and the book wanderers 
*Matilda and the Lost Tales 
*Matilda and the story map 

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