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Release Date: 03/11/2014

Author: Mimi Denisi

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A noblewoman of Smyrna, Filio remembers and longs for her life there. Her mind leaves the refugee neighborhood where she now lives and relives the golden age of cosmopolitan Smyrna, when it was for everyone the pearl of the East, the Paradise of Ionia and the City of the Unbelievers for the Ottomans. Her husband Filia is a fanatical Greek and Venizelikos, as well as her father and her children, live with the dream of the Great Idea. His brother and his family, also successful merchants, royals and fanatics from Asia Minor want Smyrna autonomous. The relations between the two families, the harmonious coexistence with Turks and Levantines, the unfulfilled, forbidden loves between the different tribes, their feasts, their songs, their dreams, dominate the work. However, the historical events that affect the lives of all in their absence also play an important role, from the arrival of the Greeks as liberators to the destruction of the only city and the forced migration. The wider history of the city unfolds through the history of the family. 

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