Our Lady Of Angels


  • Author: Aleka Zografou 
  • Publisher: Paper City 
  • ISBN: 9789606218071 
  • Number of Pages: 544 
  • Cover: Soft cover 
  • Recommended Age: 18+ 
  • Dimensions: 14 x 21 
  • Year of Issue: 2022 

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On a fateful night in 1917, the young Gracia experiences loss, while at the same time becoming part of the art of “sweet death”. With the wooden mallet of the acabandora and a ticket in hand, he leaves Sardinia and finds refuge in Atrani, a small fishing village near Amalfi. 

Her acquaintance with Giuseppina initially seems like a gift from God, but she quickly learns that the black-clad and blonde woman, whom everyone calls Severa, is a member of the Camorra, the ruthless crime syndicate that plagues southern Italy. The consulship that she arranges for her with Luigi hides dark purposes. Lavinia, Gracia’s only friend, becomes the beacon that reveals Severa’s scheming… 

Mussolini’s coup and the March to Rome give the two friends the opportunity to seek their fortunes in Naples, in an attempt to forget the wounds of the past and forge new paths. 
The years pass and Gracia manages to build her life from scratch. She studies, finds a job and falls in love with a Greek doctor, George. Duce’s sick dream of the “mare nostrum” and the war that breaks out in Greece, lead Gracia and her husband to Syros, where they risk their lives to participate in the Resistance against the Italian Occupation. The famine that plagues the island, as well as the stigma of Catholicism level relationships and create losses… 
When Gracia returns to Naples again, the secrets and truths that await her will shock her and shake her balance. The decisions she will be called upon to make are painful and only Our Lady of Angels can guide her steps… 
A shocking book in which historical events are harmoniously linked with the lives of the heroes, while the plot full of twists and turns is framed by known and unknown incidents, as well as customs and traditions of southern Italy and Syros. 

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