Date of issue: 7/07/2022 
Age: 18+ 
Pages: 544 
ISBN: 978-618-01-3990-7 
Size (width x height): 14 x 21 cm 
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Binding: Soft cover 

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New edition of RAGIAS book. DAYS AND NIGHTS 1821. 
1816-1829. Patras, Tripolitsa, Nafplio, Messolonghi… 
After Angelis was imprisoned in Sahin Aga’s henhouse, hatred burrowed into his soul like a poisonous snake. 
During his explosive and at the same time seductive course, he comes into the employ of a stingy and stingy salesman, who sells you firewood for a candle. He is surrounded by the leaden cloud of slavery and the humiliation of the poor. He mingles with Kerasia, where dreams swim and dive on her face. He is answered with squires, collies and comrades-in-arms, who are more than brothers and wife in the time of battle, while a frightened Turkopoulos latches onto him. 

On his way and two old men, who are searching for the motive for everything and the sweet and medicinal essence of “I”, the scheming Aspasia, diabolical strangers, local adventurers, Simeon, who has not spoken for thirty-six years, a horseman who rescues captive Turkobirds and the worst enemy of the freest man, fear. 
Aggelis experiences the greatness and the dark side of the blood-stained Twenty One, shattering myths and revealing hidden truths. He writhes with the fire of insurrection, metabolises savagery into hope, redemption, and sweetness, and thunders, “I want to be broken to no one. You’re welcome!” 

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Weight 0.686 kg
Dimensions 14 × 21 cm
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