Roots And Foundations


Author: Efthymiou Maria, Provatas Makis Publisher: Patakis Publications ISBN: 9789601690650 Book Series: History: Diachronic Studies Number of Pages: 264 Cover: Soft cover Dimensions: 14×21 Writing Language: 2020 Date: Greek Date: 1

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The history of the Greeks travels in time on the ship called the Greek language. Seamanship and language have long sculpted the characteristics of this troubled people whose traces are traced deep into the past, about 4,000 years ago. The Greeks played a key role in antiquity in the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Their language became a tool of learning and communication for many peoples of the wider region, as well as, later, for the emerging Christianity. With civilization, they “conquered” the Eastern Roman Empire, turning it into a Byzantine one, and kept them spiritually awake during the Turkish occupation. With their revolution in 1821, they gained the first independent nation-state in the eastern Mediterranean, connected with the western world, expanded their borders and established themselves among the peoples of modern Europe – and the world.

In this book, through the discussions of the history teacher Maria Efthimiou with Makis Provatas, Hellenism is approached from its beginnings until today, the roots, the foundations and the milestones of its History are traced. Behind dates and events there are times and places of much greater importance. There are key people and events that are not always obvious.

“Prosexis”, according to Plato, is the effort of the soul to learn. This book was written with deep care.

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