Score 4-Connect 4 Shots


Suitable for children aged 8+. 

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Win with accurate shots! The game SCORE 4 SHOTS is fast and fun in a race to put 4 shots in a row! Count and start: 1-2-3 … GEL! Two players throw light, colorful balls into the grid at the same time. Remember, the balls must hit the table before they can enter. Throw the balls, trying to fill the holes in the grid vertically, horizontally or diagonally. As soon as a player puts 4 balls in his color order he wins the game! When the game is over, fold the grid into an easy-to-use storage compartment. SCORE 4 SHOT combines the classic SCORE 4 game style with fast-paced, competitive excitement. Two players in a match against time try to put 4 balls of their color in a row to win. It is easy to play and extremely exciting, as players throw the balls into the grid with fireball speed. If the players have thrown all the balls in the grid but have not put 4 balls in a row, throw the orange wild ball to determine the winner. Only 2 players are needed to play a game. Children can also practice on their own to prepare for a future 4-SHOT SCORE match. 

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