Skag Cardboard Binder with Plastic Lining 4/32


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They have metal angles to protect the binder angles from wear and tear

· They have a loop on the back for easy pulling from the shelf and immediate movement

· They have 2 straps on the front side where the mechanism clicks and to ensure the correct support of the binder

· They have a larger label by 4 cm in height for greater resolution in the description 

· They have a label printed on both sides

· They are functional and durable

· The plastic coated with SKAG Binders is PP polypropylene, environmentally friendly

· Their durable mechanism with the lever, guarantees infinite openings

· Thanks to the specially coated plastic lever cover, your fingers are protected 

· They are certified products with the brand HELLA-DIKA MAS by EUROCERT (Hellenic Company – Greek Production) 

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Weight 0.250 kg

Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

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