The Alchemist


  • Brand: AA Publishing House Livani
  • Category: Social Novel
  • Author: Paulo Coelho
  • Number of Pages: 254 


A young Spanish shepherd, Santiago, decides to seek his fate. His search will lead him to the Sahara and the pyramids of Egypt. On his journey he will meet wise kings and alchemists. 

Following in the footsteps of fate, he will meet mysterious people and be confronted with strange situations. ‘Thus the fundamental questions of existence will be asked of him, which will change him forever. But he will discover that when one can concentrate on the present, then one is a happy person. As the author himself said of the Alchemist, “the universe conspires to help us when we try to live our personal dream.” 

Through this shocking book, where the mysticism of the Middle Ages meets the song of the desert, Coelho opens the old path for the knowledge of the world: that which passes through the heart. 

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