• Author Natsukawa, Sosuke
  • Publisher Psychogios 
  • ISBN 9786180141719 
  • Release year 2021
  • Pages 192 
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My grandfather used to say every three or so: Books have tremendous power. But what is this power really? His grandfather’s small second-hand bookstore with huge stacks of books reaching to the ceiling is the ideal refuge for the introverted teenager Rindaro Natsuki. There he spends happy moments reading what he likes. 

But the grandfather dies one night in his sleep and Rindaro is left devastated and alone. The second-hand bookstore, as it seems, should be closed. Then the Tiger appears, a mysterious tabby cat who speaks and has a mission: to save books. However, he needs the help of a true book lover to make it happen, and so he asks Rindaro to help him. 

This strange couple, the boy and the cat, will live three magical adventures freeing the books from people who imprison them, abuse them or betray their spirit. But the last rescue in their incredible journey, which will bring him face to face with himself, Rindaro will have to undertake it himself… 

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