• Author: Claire Theodorou 
  • Publisher: PSYCHOGIOS 
  • ISBN: 9786180136524 
  • Number of Pages: 400 
  • Cover: Soft cover 
  • Suggested Age: 18+ 
  • Dimensions: 14 x 21 
  • Date of 1st Issue: 24/03/2022 
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A famous author of detective novels who, deciding to kill the main character of her books, suddenly falls into disfavor. A trophy husband preparing to leave her for his younger mistress. The ubiquitous King and his Jester, who haunt her every move. And a top inspector – in a gray and icy city – against all the novel clichés.Munich, 2018. Luna Marcos, a well-known author, directs his murder with the consent of her soon-to-be ex-husband, in order to cause another frenzy in the media under her name. But he does not imagine that reality surpasses many fantasies many times, as only the truth can finally turn into the ultimate nightmare. A heinous murder leads everyone to paranoia. Nothing is what it seems and no one is innocent, while the facts seem to be distorted like a distorting mirror. After all, it’s the family stories – the ones “written” within four walls – that can prove to be the scariest of them all. 

A thriller about the overthrow that comes after the matte move. Because, as is well known, the King always dies last. Sometimes, however, he does not die at all.

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