The Kiss of December


  • Cover: Soft cover
  • Date of issue: 1/10/2021
  • Number of pages: 432
  • Author: AMYRAS, PANOS 
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December 1944. Athens experiences the dramatic days of the Civil War, deadly clashes rage throughout the city. Nikos Agrafiotis, now a renegade police officer, undertakes to locate a judicial officer, responsible for dossilogy cases, who has disappeared together with a young cabaret singer. A fascinating adventure in the most tragic period of modern Greece, a personal confrontation of Agrafiotis with the passions of the Divide. The Kiss of December brings to life with wonderful fidelity the Athens of 1944. Day by day (hour by hour in some chapters), the December events begin and escalate in a capital reminiscent of bombed Baghdad or disbanded Kabul. The fascinating search of the now well-known, noir police character Nikos Agrafiotis, a dynamic Poirot, worthy of Inspector Guenter Philip Kerr, leads us to a wandering life and death in the torn neighborhoods of the city. With full of feelings, mature and prismatic narration, he analyzes deeply but at the same time simply, in an attractive way, the historical facts, finally underlining the only logical, redemptive solution. Evangelos Mavroudis – The Kiss of December completes in the most impressive way the Athens Trilogy in World War II. Panos Amyras, in full maturity of writing style, manages to combine the exceptional regeneration of the atmosphere of the time, a breathtaking plot, the high level of character sketching and, above all, to incorporate in his text the findings of a persistent thorough research of historians. . A great novel that must be read by all Greeks. 

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