Pages: 472

Release Date: 13/10/2021

Author: Emma Stonex 

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What fate awaited these convicted men? The sea whispers their names. Beneath its surface are hidden dark rocks, drowning fantasies. And beyond the swell, the lightly eaten lighthouse stands monastic and majestic. Cornwall, 1972. A ship arrives at a remote lighthouse, a mile offshore, carrying supplies for lighthouse keepers. But no one is there. The entrance to the lighthouse is locked from the inside. The table is set. The chief’s weather diary speaks of a storm raging around the lighthouse – but the skies were clear all week. In the living room and kitchen, the clocks have stopped. They all show eight and forty-five. Two decades later a writer wants to know what really happened. He visits the wives of the missing men, so that he can reach the truth. But their narratives are full of omissions, gaps and contradictions. Gradually secrets are revealed and the buried truths come to the surface. An insidious shadow spreads over the rock… Inspired by real events. A story about isolation and obsession, reality and illusion, but also about the light that must be left on when everything else is swallowed by darkness… 

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