Author: Ifigenia Tekou
Publisher: PSYCHOGIOS 
ISBN: 9786180142440
Number of Pages: 496
Dimensions: 14 x 21 
Date of 1st Issue: 10/03/2022 

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July 1948. Sixteen-year-old Alemina is forced to leave her home in beautiful Chieti and live in Salento, Lower Italy. There she meets her strange grandfather for the first time, penetrates the dark secrets of the Kontotti family and meets love in the face of a sculptor. 

In the same area, a man murders in a disgusting way the dossier collaborators of the Germans. For each victim he makes a wooden doll without limbs, where, according to a Japanese legend, the soul of the one who leaves remains. 
The time will come when the seemingly different paths of these two people will intersect and then the crucial question will arise: Who has the right to distinguish good from evil, right from wrong? What will happen when the masks fall and the cleansing comes? 

A fascinating dance of events and unexpected developments, a “tarantula” of love, betrayal, revenge and justice in the difficult years after the end of World War II. 

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