The Snow Princess


Author: Ruth Sanderson

Age: For children 3+

ISBN: 960-14-0980-7

Pages: 32 

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Many, many years ago, somewhere far away, Father Pagos and Mother Spring had a daughter. She was called the Snow Princess because she had the power to summon snowflakes whenever she wanted to create blizzards. When the Snow Princess begins her long journey to meet the world, her parents give her one and only advice: never to love. The Princess visits many places and is finally charmed by a young man who takes care of his sheep and plays the flute. Sergei enchants her with music, and a wonderful friendship begins to develop between the two young men. Then the Snow Princess will dream once again of her parents repeating their advice to her. In the vortex of a terrible snowstorm, the Princess will have to decide her fate.

The Snow Princess, a story inspired by a popular Russian fairy tale, as it unfolds, warms our hearts. 

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