• Author: Lena Manta
  • Publisher: PSYCHOGIOS 
  • ISBN: 9786180142587 
  • Number of Pages: 528 
  • Cover: Soft cover 
  • Suggested Age: 18+ 
  • Dimensions: 14 x 21 
  • Date of 1st Issue: 05/05/2022
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Isaouron Street… 
This is where Frederick Renesi begins her life; daughter of Vassilis and Louisa, Fotis’s sister. 
Asklipiou Street… 
In the old mansion lives the only man who knows the dark past of Vassilis Renesis, before he learns his abominable present. 
The tangle begins to unfold; from Isaavron Street, which hides so much violence, it rolls between the straits of Trump, turns back to the Occupation and stops in the junta… 
On the doorstep of the Girls’ Rehabilitation Center… Where the great evil happened… The time when the present and the future changed. Behind its high walls, the foundations were laid for the guilty to pay. 
Only the road is long, the blood flows and the signs hurt…

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