ISBN: 9789601436531 
Date of issue: 2021 
Author: Efstathiou Evangelia 
Pages: 672 
Weight: 840g 
Dimensions: 40 × 140 × 205 mm 
Age: 18+ 


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  1. On the day that Hairedin Barbarossa and his pirates spread death among the inhabitants of Paleochora of Kythera, no one notices the murderous attack of a man on his pregnant mistress. A sword once wielded by great warlords and kings impales her guts, opening an endless cycle of blood through the ages.

2020.Two of the world’s top treasure hunters, Raoul and Sienna, named Wolf and Moon, are hired by two different art collectors to find the killer sword. As they pour into his hunt, his history and the heavy curse he carries are revealed. And while finding him seems like an unsolved puzzle, an unexpected voice
from the past it becomes a key in Siena’s hands, leading Raoul to the one path of alliance with her. In a breathtaking adventure, from Greece to Italy and back again, the two heroes go from being hunters to being hunted. With death lurking in their every step, the passion that is born between them sometimes becomes a brake and sometimes a bright beacon on their path. And while they are immersed in the vortex of this search, it seems more and more impossible for the Moon to peacefully spread the light in her sky and for the Wolf to make his howl a song.

She drew her pistol and drew its barrel, almost voluptuously, into the side of her neck. 
Look at the sketch again. A misericorde. A sword that gave mercy through death 
― hence his name. Morte and amore – death and love, brought to her mind the words that dominated that short note. He made an ironic face. Two synonymous words 
in her own mind. And there was no mercy for anyone. 

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