Truths I didn’t tell you


ISBN: 978-618-02-1914-2 
Date of issue: 01/01/2022 
Original author: RIMMER KELLY 
Pages: 532 
Weight: 740g 
Dimensions: 40 × 140 × 205 mm 
Age: 18+ 

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I’m alone in a large family these days and it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced. Until a few years ago I had no idea that loneliness is worse than sadness. 
When her father is moved to a nursing home, Beth volunteers to clear out her parents’ home, only to be surprised to find that the door to the attic where she once played with her siblings is locked. Even greater is her surprise when she discovers what lies behind it – a mess of her father’s paintings, piles of discarded papers and lots of junk in their otherwise meticulously tidy home. 

Clearing the mess, she finds a journal page, written in her mother’s handwriting. Everyone knows that Grace was killed in a car accident, but this manuscript brings to light a much grimmer version. Beth quickly forms a different and disturbing picture of her family: her mother suffered from postpartum depression and her husband bore little resemblance to the loving father she and her siblings knew… 

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