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Stretch, balance and hold there! But be careful: if you fall you go out !! The well-known board game that knots you!

The referee protects a part of the body and a color. When you hear “left foot… yellow! You put your left foot on the yellow circle on the carpet. Sounds easy, but you will soon find yourself confused among the other players to be able to follow his instructions! 

The Twister game is over 40 years old and continues unabated! Shortly after its release in 1966, Twister immediately became popular when Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor played the game on the Tonight Show. Such a simple idea, but it causes so much laughter and fun! 

The game includes a plastic carpet with red, blue, yellow, green circles, a turn signal and instructions. 

To play, two to four players sit facing each other, with the plastic mat in the center. A referee rotates the pointer, then indicates the body part and the color indicated by the arrow (“left foot, blue”, “right hand, yellow”). All players, at the same time, follow the instructions, placing the appropriate part of the body in an empty circle. The players become more and more entangled, until someone (or all) falls and is eliminated. The last person to stand wins. A game that brings family and friends together!

A board game for 2 to 4 players 

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