• Author: Natassa Karamanli
  • Publisher: PSYCHOGIOS 
  • ISBN: 9786180142389 
  • Number of Pages: 376 
  • Cover: Soft cover 
  • Suggested Age: 18+ 
  • Dimensions: 14 x 21 
  • Date of 1st Issue: 24/02/2022
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In my life I have had to swallow large doses of poison from people close to me, loved ones. These words are out of place, really. Poison and love do not match, they do not meet together. 
Three women trapped in a circle of violence, queens in a game of chess that forces them into unpredictable movements. Their kings, after a series of heinous murders, are found dead. Is it a last-line checkmate or a dumb checkmate? Who moves these queens? Who orchestrates this deadly variant? 
I deleted the word “fear” from my vocabulary. Definitely. With her I took care to eliminate some others that had put my life in permanent repression, such as humiliation, rejection, dependence.The police line up its officers, but the killer seems unarrested. Do victims become perpetrators or does the opposite happen? Queens sacrifice and are sacrificed. Which variant will lead them to the coveted matte rouge?

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