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It is not enough to want to love, you must also be able to… 
I predicted a few years ago 
Her wedding was everything she had dreamed of and an unexpected pregnancy completed her happiness. How much power does love have, which often makes you go blind? How many secrets can be hidden behind a person who until yesterday was your whole life? When the masks fall, everything falls apart. A divorce and a decision that makes her unfit to be a mother is the free throw. Without her child she was nothing. A broken existence with no will to live, no hope for tomorrow. 

Chania a few months ago 
He saw him for the first time inside the ship. His look testified that he was hiding a painful story. But his smile came from his heart and acted like a balm to her soul. Minos will stand by her side and help her get out of the darkness of her soul. Marilena will be left redemptively in his arms in search of the love she was so deprived of. 
A love is born from the ashes. Two people who have been in a lot of pain in their lives, will walk together to the cliff, which many times they thought of going over. However, their past is connected by invisible threads… 

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. What is certain is that wounds heal and make you stronger and more determined to live again… to live as much as the heart commands… 

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