Author: Eleni Veziroglou
Publisher: Exi
ISBN: 9786185240592
Number of Pages: 542 
CoverSoft cover 
Recommended Age: 18+ 
Dimensions: 14 x 21 
Year of Issue: 2022 

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The way of honor is above the way of love. 
Macedonia’s hopes for its union with free Greece are fading. The fight is getting fiercer and fiercer. The motherland asks her young men not to let her fall into the hands of the Bulgarians who are hungry for her and they run to her side. With them is Milios, whose breasts are filled with the desire for freedom and his love for Galatea, the princess of his childhood, who has given her his life and his heart. 

“I will return for you, to make you my wife”, he had told her in the ruins of the tower, where they exchanged their first kiss. But life has other plans for both of them. Galatea must obey her father’s will and take as her husband the one he imposes on her, submitting herself to the duties of honor and country. The only one who can save her is Milios, but the letter never reaches his hands, only when it is too late… 

In the midst of war, under the shadow of the tower, a love will defy the human. Like wild jasmine in arid soil it will demand its share. But, nothing is conquered without sacrifices… 

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