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Nasios and Lissavo grow up in Nisi, a village of Rumlouki, Romiotopos of Imathia, near the lake of Giannitsa. Their story begins in 1911, when their country was still under the control of the Turks. 
The two children will experience the transition from Turkish rule to free Greece together, but the prevailing social perceptions and a series of events will soon separate them, when love seems to have the upper hand. Neither foreignness, nor wars, nor personal labyrinths, nor even this prison can stop the desire and the dream. And when the years pass and Lissavo becomes Lisa, Nasios realizes that everything has changed: places, ideas, politics, customs, characters. And with all the secrets weighing him down, his dream is to join her, even slowly. 
But how will he manage to stand in front of her pure after what has stigmatized him? When will he manage to assimilate the secret that only he possesses? 

A novel about love, friendship, the power of an idea, the adventure, not only of two lovers, but also of a country, Greece, through the passage of time. 

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